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Time and work shortcut math formula for tricky method

Time and works shortcut formula
Time and works chapter is a favourite chapter of all recruiting boards or commission like S.S.C P.SC, railway recruitment, etc. the chapter time and works is not a complex or critical chapter but it is a time taking chapter if you solve in the traditional method. So we should know the math tricks of time and works chapter. Dot worry, I’m with you, I’m giving you the latest, magical, effective and the easiest sort cuts formula of time and works.

1st formula: - when two people will work and they will take two different times to finish the work. But in question when asking you how many times they will take to finish the work if they work together and working a single work. Then you have to use just below formula to calculate correct time for the answer:-

Time and work
please note that here 1st man and 2nd man means time which is taken by them yo complete the work.
2nd shortcuts formula of time and works: - when three people can do a piece of works in three different times. When they work the same works altogether they will take time- just use bellow formula:-
Time and works shortcut formula:
Please note that here A, B and C is the time value which is taken by three persons. A is 1st man's taking time, B is 2nd man's taking time and so on.
3rd shortcut formula of time and works: - when a pair of worker like A and B can do a piece of work in a specific time, another pair worker like B and C can do the same work in another different time, then

Only A can do the work:-

Only B can do the work:-

Only C can do the work:-
A, B and C can do the work:-
The 4th shortcut formula of time and works: - when different kinds of workers are works and their workability is different then the problem comes very complexly. But we have the easiest, tricky and shortcut formula. Before going the formula I’m giving you a question for example.

2 man and 3 women can do a work in 5 days. If 4 man and 6 women do a work, how many days they will take to finish the work?
Like this kind of question jus you have to this tricky time and works formula:-
If you need more help with video tutorial please click below link:-
Easiest and tricky shortcut formula of time and works the math.
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